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"We take the time our clients need: We want our clients to receive transparent advice so that we can build up mutual trust."

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We stand for professional advice at down-to-earth prices. We look after international companies just as reliably as with our smaller clients. Our clients aren't just a number in the system, and we see ourselves as part of their company processes  Heinz Potthast

Heinz Potthast CV and qualifications


Auditing and tax consulting

As an employee of renowned companies like KPMG and PKF, I have carried out and been responsible for tax consulting and auditing.

I have continued developing this knowledge and this professional level of consulting independently in my own company since 2007.

Senior Manager/Senior Auditor at KPMG, Auditor and Tax Advisor at PKF Fasselt & Partner, since 2007 independent auditor and tax consultant


An eye for the company perspective

During my career, I worked from the perspective of the consultant and auditor but I also learned about the other side of the desk.

Thanks to my many years working in private enterprise, I have gained a sense of the company viewpoint on finances and taxes and so I perceive processes, finances and accounting in a holistic manner from both points of view. My many years of experience working in corporate valuation provides a wealth of experience that I always draw on for the benefit of my current clients.

Chief Financial Officer at Content Management AG, Head of Finance and Accounting at C&A Düsseldorf, auditing and consulting production and trade companies at KPMG, corporate valuations and company year-end audits at PKF


Insight/knowledge with regard to monetary system and banks

We also assist our clients in financing discussions and we can give them an edge in concluding credit agreements. As a fully qualified banker, I know the information requirements, for instance, and the leeway that credit institutions have in granting loans. I was able to expand my experience in the financial services sector by aiding and auditing banks as a tax advisor and auditor. Today, my clients benefit from this knowledge.

Customer service and credit processing at the Deutsche Bank AG Duisburg, aiding the Targobank in the introduction and development of withholding tax, auditing Japanese banks according to German accounting principles, auditing for sound credit business management with the aim of restricting credit risks and creating an organisational handbook regarding the requirements of the credit sector, auditing and implementing the silent liquidation of a bank as well as creating the reports for purchase price negotiations.


Technical affinity, friend of efficient software and IT solutions

The time factor for bureaucratic processes in a company should be kept as small as possible, in order to enable concentration on the core business. A digital connection between the financial accounting and existing ERP systems is helpful here, to facilitate the data transfer and save valuable time. I have implemented software launches for banks and large groups during my career and therefore I can recommend suitable software, as well as defining the requirements for an interface to the ERP programme and guide the implementation.

IT consulting for securities clearing and withholding tax, project leader for the Germany-wide SAP launch and revision of technical IT concepts at C&A, launch of new banking software at a motor credit bank


International focus

Since 1987 till the present, I have been auditing and advising companies from around the world according to German tax laws and I advise German companies overseas in collaboration with my overseas partners. My international roots are based in my many years working for KPMG Peat Marwick, where I advised and audited international companies according to US ¬GAAP and German GAAP in my capacity as Senior Auditor and Senior Manager. As a member of "Enterprise Worldwide", I have a large network of reliable partners in almost every country.

Member of Enterprise Worldwide, international customer service and auditing at KPMG


Get to know our team


Heinz Potthast

Heinz Potthast is a tax consultant and auditor with a wealth of experience thanks to his many years working for renowned companies such as KPMG and PKF. He is the face, custodian and head of our office. He advises each of our clients personally.


Jennifer Sügling

Jennifer Sügling has been working in our company for 7 years as an assistant tax consultant. Her focus is on accounting, year-end closings, tax returns and, with the aid of her organisational skills, she conducts the planning of work processes. She also has green thumbs and takes loving care of our office plants.


Stephan Potthast

Stephan Potthast is studying Business Administration, majoring in Accounting and Finance and has been supporting his father in the office for three years. He assists us in our core business of payroll and financial accounting as well as in income tax returns and marketing. As well as this, he is the go-to person for technical questions regarding Excel, DATEV etc.


Dagmar Holz

Dagmar Holz is a qualified office clerk and the heart and soul of the office. She is responsible for the complete organisation from A to Z, enabling us to work in a focused and smooth manner. She also supports us in planning and holding seminars and events that we love to invite people to.


Phillip Jung

Philipp Jung has been a trainee assistant tax consultant in our company since September last year. Aside from the key areas of his training, he also performs administrative and organisational tasks. With his sportsman-like manner, he is brings a breath of fresh air into our team.


Franz-Josef Rehfisch

Franz-Josef Rehfisch is an independent management consultant at argentum and a collaborating partner of our office. In his consulting, he primarily assists companies struggling with strategic planning in their operational business. In close collaboration with Heinz Potthast, he has found comprehensive and individual solutions for these companies.

How to find us

Our office is situated in Duisburg. We feel right at home here on the lower Rhine. We look after a variety of regional clients from our area, e.g. from Düsseldorf, Mühlheim and Krefeld, as well as national customers, for instance from Frankfurt and Munich, and international customers.