Annual closing

"Aside from its taxation relevance, the year-end closing is an important basis for future company decisions.  Because of this we ensure that you receive a clear and transparent view." Heinz Potthast

Services in detail

05jahresabschlussThe year-end closing is the accounting conclusion of the business year. It has three important functions: These are a documentation function, a payment assessment function and, lastly, an informational function. Therefore, it isn't just relevant for the tax man, or creditors and shareholders, because it also delivers important information about the development and status of your company and ongoing corporate planning.

On your behalf, we take care that this valuable information is managed in a clean and well-prepared manner, with no gaps, in compliance with all official requirements.

  • Drawing up year end closings for sole traders
  • Drawing up year end closings for partnerships and corporations
  • Year end closings for capital market-orientated companies in accordance with IFRS
  • Drawing up tax financial statements
  • Drawing up supplementary financial statements

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