Business consulting

"Aside from the perspective of tax, we offer you close collaboration with the management consultants argentum, who share our premises." Heinz Potthast

Services in detail

Management consulting is a field of activity that requires an extremely differentiated approach and includes a variety of aspects. Our services primarily include management consulting with regard to taxes, company structures, investments, liquidity, financing and finances. In this way we cover a very broad spectrum of company optimisations, thereby increasing the efficiency of your company:

Management consulting

  • Liquidity analyses
  • Setting up reporting systems
  • Development and introduction of key indicators for the Controlling Department
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganisation audits
  • Investment accounting
  • You can find other products here under tax and financial planning

Implementation of IT systems

  • Selection and implementation of software
  • Revision of technical concepts for in-house developments
  • Creation of technical concepts for in-house developments

Withholding tax

  • Assessing compliance with legal requirements
  • Developing test concepts
  • Business testing
  • Ongoing consultations about new requirements

Classical management consulting

08unternehmensberatungHere we can recommend the management consultants argentum, who share our business premises and deal with all classic consulting spheres. Some of our clients have already taken advantage of the benefits of our close vicinity and are extremely satisfied, as this enables particularly close coordination and strategic collaboration.

If you have decided on another management consultant, we assure you, of course, that we will prepare the information required for decision-making in a clear and transparent manner and transmit all relevant data to a management consultant of your choice.

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