Financial accounting

"Financial accounting shouldn't be annoying drudgery. It should document your
business transactions clearly and manageably and provide important details for further accounts."Heinz Potthast

Services in detail

01steuer-und-finanzplanung2Financial bookkeeping is a vital pillar of the accounting system, because this is what the balance sheet, profit and loss calculations and the cost and performance calculations are based on.

In addition, financial bookkeeping must be error-free in case the tax authorities decide to look at it. So it's all the more important that your financial bookkeeping is done in a transparent manner, with no gaps, in order to comply with the principles of proper bookkeeping, which have been tightened with effect from 2015. We would be happy to support you by offering you the following services:

  • Financial bookkeeping with DATEV
  • Creating an accounting system that is tailored to your needs
  • Preparing the books using modern in-house software
  • Data transfer via the internet
  • Creating the payment media

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