Tax planning and financial planning

We don't like package solutions. This is why we engage with the companies and the people who stand behind them, to find the right solution for each client.“ Heinz Potthast

Services in detail

01steuer-und-finanzplanung2We consult for companies in Germany and other countries, entrepreneurs, institutions and private individuals. Our goal here is to get the best possible results and to find future-orientated solutions.


Together with you, we find solutions that work from a tax perspective as well as being a practical fit for your company. We don't think much of concepts that only make sense on paper and fail when they are commercially and practically implemented, because a decision should first be a right one commercially. We regard it as a challenge for us to design your commercial decisions with regard to tax aspects. When we do this, we pay particular attention to your own desires and ideas and we recommend concepts that work for you.

Company + private sphere

Ideally both the commercial and the private sphere are harmonised, so as to enhance more than just your commercial success, but also ensure that you benefit financially in your private life, since each decision in the area in question also has effects in the other area. In this kind of consulting approach, taxable income can be individually influenced in the business and private sphere and the associated payment flows can be controlled.

Private individuals

We advise you with the goal of optimally representing your interests: From the choice of the correct income tax class and private investment advising and investment portfolios to inheritance tax. When we make recommendations, we ensure that they are viable in the long-term and that they take your personal life plans into consideration.

01steuer-und-finanzplanungFinancial statements

  • Commercial and tax financial statements with profit and loss calculation 
  • Dissolution, liquidation and reorganisation financial statements
  • Creation of year-end closings / tax financial statements
  • Supplementary and special financial statements
  • Financial statements in compliance with IAS and USGAAP
  • Interim financial statements
  • Profitability calculations
  • Creating cost and performance accounts 

Advice on tax, finances and investments

  • Tax planning: Creating future-orientated tax concepts/ tax optimisations
  • Advising for international activity
  • Liquidity, financial and investment planning
  • Corporate analyses and prognoses
  • Strategic corporate planning and budgeting
  • Introduction of monitoring systems
  • Consulting on legal amendments, restructuring, corporate expansion, cooperation, liquidation and the sale of companies.
  • Risk analyses, preventing insolvency, reorganisation
  • Succession planning /Inheritance tax advice
  • Tax advice for capital investments

Start-up advice

  • Advice about selecting the right type of business
  • Capital requirement, investment and financial planning
  • Aid in selecting subsidies/Kfw funding
  • Opinion on the viability of the start-up
  • Creating a business plan / turnover and profitability forecast
  • Preparing and assisting with financing negotiations

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