Tax consulting and auditing

"We are skilled in national and international auditing and tax consulting."




Tax consulting and auditing

We are on a par with large, renowned auditing and tax consulting companies with regard to our range of services and skills, but we are more cost-effective thanks to smaller, more efficient structures. Heinz Josef Potthast

Skills and services

Trade specialisation

“Our office's focus on trading has been strongly influenced by my career. I was head of finance and accounting in a large trading company for a long time and therefore I know the business perspective of processes and important matters. This knowledge has shaped my work as a tax advisor and motivates me to find solutions that don't just work on paper but also work for the company in question.” Heinz Potthast

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International consulting

“Since 1987 till today, I have been auditing and advising companies from around the world according to German tax laws and I advise German companies overseas in collaboration with my overseas partners. My international roots are based in my many years working for KPMG Peat Marwick, where I advised and audited international companies according to US¬GAAP and German GAAP in my capacity as Senior Auditor and Senior Manager. As a member of "Enterprise Worldwide", I have a large network of reliable partners in almost every country.” Heinz Potthast

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