"For an independent, neutral technical perspective in accordance with the declarations of the Institute of Auditors." Heinz Potthast

Services in detail

09wirtschaftspruefungThe core focus of an auditor's work is to make an independent judgement. Any time a third party wants or needs an independent evaluation of a matter, the auditor is brought in on a legal (statutory duty) or private basis.

In our work, we are bound to the declarations of the Institute of Auditors, which applies standards, thereby ensuring that the specialised work we do is of a high quality.  We carry out our audits as a managing partner of Fidautit, an auditing company that operates throughout Germany.


  • Audit of year-end and company closings
  • Auditing in accordance with international accounting principles
  • Special audits for compliance with stock-corporation law in the case of establishments, corporate mergers and corporate transformations
  • Fraud audits, creditworthiness audits
  • Internal audits for industrial companies and banks
  • Squeeze-out audits

Trust activities

  • Holding shares
  • Exercising corporate rights
  • Execution of wills
  • Managing securities
  • Administration of estates

Company evaluations

  • As part of corporate transactions
  • For tax restructuring
  • As a court-appointed expert

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